What should you expect when you receive a massage from me at Release Techniques Massage Therapy?

Well, first off, I practice therapeutic massage.  I add a bit of some nice spa style and fluff & buff to the massage to take the edge off, but this is about working to get pain out of your body.  I don't have a receptionist, just a nice greeting area. The room I work out of is simple, small and clean with no frills. I am simply here to help you reach for your full physical potential.

        I believe that age is the ignorance of pain. We are all taught to fight through our pain and get the job done. Just a few of us choose to face that pain later on. We attempted not to irritate the pain by avoiding certain movements that aggravate the area. This causes a new overworked and stressed muscle, because it is now doing the job of the numb, frozen spot as well as it"s own job (Think of corporate cut backs). It then becomes the new pain and we freeze it up, too, and on and on and on.... until we are old and frozen and staring at our toes with our hunched back. And then we stop moving all together. Lets face that pain! Lets stop this useless overaging!

Secondly, I want you to feel safe and in control at all times. Many of my clients have gone through some pretty intense times in there lives. Overuse is not the only reason for imbalances and pain. Emotional and physical traumas play a physical roll as well. I make sure you know you are in charge of the massage. You decide if its too intense. You will never be exposed and I will keep your modesty a priority. You dress down to whatever level you're comfortable with. You choose to keep at a muscle or move on. It is your choice, your time, always.

When you arrive I will come down and greet you at the door.  I am observing you as you move past me and up the stairs. I am looking for imbalances and restrictions in your movements. I want to hear about all of your accidents, injuries and surgeries.  We will check your posture together.  I want to know what medications you are on. Most importantly, I want to know where it hurts and what you want to focus on today. I then lead you into the studio where, after I leave the room, you will dress down to your comfort level and get under the blanket.  Once you're ready, I return and  I will then explain my method to you.

I don't want to hurt you. I want to help you. Its okay if you're a little sore the next day, but you shouldn't feel any real pain. If that happens we did something wrong. A lot of massage therapist are "bullies" in my opinion. They force, with immense pressure, your muscles to give in to their will. I think this method does work for a few days, but I think it fades just as quickly. True, long lasting change comes from getting your nervous system to calm down. The trick is to adjust the body and not just getting it to relax, but to release. We hold deep beliefs about our posture, some so deep they may take several sessions to undo their grip.  In order to keep you in the space of release I need to keep you in a trusting mind space. On a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being nothing, 10 being unbearable, I want you at a 7 or below. If you're holding your breath or grinding your teeth I want to know so that I can ease the pressure and keep your nervous system calm. When the pressure begins to get intense take deep breathes to let me know we're getting close to your threshold and really keep your mind locked on that spot. Don't ignore old thoughts that come up in your mind because they may be bound up in the tissue. This is part of the mind method and these are the tools I use to adjust you...

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DEEP TISSUE:  Many people believe that deep tissue massage is simply extremely strong and deep pressure. Some of it is, but it is really just massage that addresses the deep muscles of the body. There are many muscles in the body that are covered with several other layers of muscle. If we just smash down through the upper tissues they can easily be damaged, possibly causing more damage and pain than before you received the massage. True deep tissue work also utilizes the bones and other more solid structures deep in the body to address those muscles without causing damage to the outer muscles. This is a wonderful tool to help correct long standing overuse issues.

TRIGGER POINT: Dull, deep and aching little S@#'s of a B#$*&es. You know what I am talking about. Those little knots of pain that have found their way into shoulders, neck, back, bum, everywhere. These little nodules of hyper-stressed muscle, trapped in fascia, can cause loss of strength in the muscle, weakness, limited range of motion and don't forget pain. By utilizing Trigger Point Therapy we can address these little spots with unique pressure techniques, fallowed by an immediate stretch to release these little guys. I find that almost everyone I work on benefits from a little trigger point therapy.

MYOFASCIAL RELEASE: Imagine a house. Pick it up and turn it upside down. Then set it back down on the ground. What happens? It collapses! Now, imagine you're hanging from a jungle gym. Why don't you collapse? Why do you hold together so well? Why doesn't your pec major slip up into your cheek? The answer is Fascia! In my mind it may be the most amazing part of our amazing bodies. This gel/collagen, structural, material can be manipulated with heat and pressure. It wraps every muscle, bone, ligament and organ in the body. I personally believe it to be an information net for the nervous system. I believe its patterns can effect the entire system. A kink in the toe can cause pain in the jaw. Crazy, I know but true. By manipulating this system we can reach for healthy full range of motion.

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