Here are some of the questions that keep popping up. Hope this helps!

         How early should I arrive?You only need to arrive about 5 minutes before your scheduled massage unless I tell you otherwise.          Is there onsite parking? Nope, sorry, there is only street parking.  They have now added meters but if you're willing to walk a bit its free to the west in the 4 hr parking spots.         I can't find the entrance?  2390 nw Thurman st is the two story, grey building located on the Southwest corner of  NW 24th and Thurman.  The corner of my building says "Nancy's Kitchen".  If you then walk south, down 24th, you come to the reserved parking lot entry way. Turn to your left and you will see a small set of stairs up onto a porch. Go there, push #5 and I will be right down.           Where is the storefront? I don't have a store front.  I am new to the Portland massage scene and I am developing my practice.  I may have one in the future, but for now my upstairs office works great!          Should I do anything to prepare for my massage? Sure, there is plenty you can do! Try not to eat just before a massage... Be on time... Take a shower, stinky... Try and relax and be open to the experience...  Bring a sports bra and spandex like shorts/boxers if you are interested in structural work...          Do I have to get naked? Absolutely not, I want you to dress down to your comfort level. This is your time and you are in charge of everything! If you want to do the massage fully clothed then we can work it out that way. Some massages I have the person come fully dressed in athletic clothes so we can do certain stretches and techniques.          Will it hurt? I aim for it to never hurt. I aim for you to enjoy the massage thoroughly! Sometimes it gets intense, but I try and keep the pressure in the "Hurts so Good" place.